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Mary Ann Keatley, Ph.D.,CCC
Co-Founder of the Brain Injury Hope Foundation
President of the Brain Injury Hope Foundation

Speech-Language Pathologist

Dr. Mary Ann Keatley is the co-founder of the Brain Injury Hope Foundation and has worked in the field of cognitive rehabilitation and neurotherapy for 35 years to assist individuals with traumatic brain injuries return to a productive lifestyle and to better understand their injuries. She helped start the Brain Trust, now called the Brain Injury Hope Foundation, in order to provide emergency funding to individuals who are in transitional life changes due to brain injury. Individuals with mild and moderate injuries frequently do not have sources of funding for rent, food and utilities; and yet these individuals have lost jobs and financial support. Giving in any way we can to ease the recovery process and make other's lives a little more qualitative is her reason for many years of contributing her expertise and knowledge and voluntary service for the Brain Injury Hope Foundation.
Laura L. Whittemore
Executive Director of the Brain Injury Hope Foundation
Author, Speaker, Coach
MTBI Survivor and Thriver

Laura sustained a MTBI in July, 2001 and over several years recovered her memory and cognitive skills thanks to Mary Ann Keatley’s guidance and therapy. Laura is honored to have served on the Board of Directors and now as Executive Director to further the mission of the Brain Injury Hope Foundation.

Laura has been in the field of psychology and education and an entrepreneur for over 30 years. As a Life Coach, she uses her skills and experience to Coach MTBI Survivors to become Thrivers. As a Professional Speaker, Laura inspires hope in the brain injury recovery process. Laura educates survivors, caregivers and Medical Professionals on understanding the symptoms and treatment options.
Carol J. Schneider, Ph.D.
Vice President of the Brain Injury Hope Foundation
Clinical Psychologist
Cognitive & Behavioral Therapy for PTSD

As a Licensed Clinical Psychologist for over 40 years, Dr. Schneider provides cognitive and behavioral therapy for survivors of concussions and TBI. Since Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) often overlaps with brain injury, Dr. Schneider uses EMDR as one of the trauma release therapies to help TBI survivors overcome the trauma caused by an accident. She has published many articles and chapters in books on this subject, as well as, given lectures on biofeedback and stress management at the Dental and Medical Schools at the University of Colorado.


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